Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chariots of Fire

This weekend Matthew and Brad reconnected in a romantic getaway in Sedona.

They allowed Shanna and I to tag along because we are curious about the supernatural and metaphysical worlds and Sedona is a hotbed for aging hippies and new agers who know a lot about UFO's and auras.

Matthew getting "educated" at the Ye Olde UFO Store.
it was a great trip. Thanks Kesbones.

.......Oh yeah, since we were in town we decided to run a 1/2 marathon. No biggie.

Correction: HUGE BIGGIE. Since our August pledge to run a half marathon Shanna and I have logged quite a few miles jogging/chatting.

We ended our 6 long months of training (way tooo long) by joining our fellow runners in Sedona to run 13.1 miles of the HILLIEST course I could have ever imagined. The scenery was beautiful, The mini snickers were delicious, The Ibuprofen was plentiful, the display of flesh and spandex was mind boggling, and the finish line was one of the sweetest sites I have ever seen.

Matthew showing his support and devotion by touching my armpits after the race, yikes!
Shanna and I getting our post race stretch on at the Giant gas station. If you wanna see my medal, good luck. Either I lost it or Brad has stolen it and is secretly wearing it under his shirt. If you wanna see more pics you can check it here.
If you wanna ask me how I started this sojourn never having run more that 1 consecutive mile in my life to becoming a professional athlete, don't bother I will tell you anyway.

Friday, February 6, 2009

2nd Annual Ryan's b-day w/ the Suns

in honor of an age old tradition celebrating ryan's birthiest day ever, he took matthew on a date to see the suns play. it ended up being the suns 2nd biggest margin of victory ever (48 points), so that was basically real nice, but on a sadder note it was most likely the last time we'll be able to see this suns squad in action before they trade amare and steve nash.
thanks to carla for the tickets, steve for losing the friendship competition, jason richardson for playing a great game, and most of all ryan, for being the greatest friend for a second consecutive celebration. see you next year.

about to tip off for a 48 point blow-out

matthew's height advantage almost assuredly garuntees victory over diana turasi

ryan and amare are soaring with the eagles with those wingspans