Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 on the 25th

Continuing on with her already busy month of May, Lindsay remembered to have a birthday. She does this every year on May 25th. This 25th of May also marks her 25th year at it. From what I think I have read, this can be considered quite a milestone as centuries ago some women in some cultures probably didn't always last very many years (via poor healthcare, witchhunts, etc.). I'm very glad that she has broken the mold. Maybe, just maybe '(her) and I are gonna live forever' (like one of my favorite Oasis songs). But until forever comes I just want to celebrate my ladies' day.
Above are pictures from Lindsay's last night on earth as a twenty-four year old. For pictures of Lindsay's first night on earth as a twenty-five year old click here (or don't!!!).
Happy birthday to Lindsay!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kanye West - Graduation

Lindsay graduated from ASU this morning! During her time as a Sun Devil she learned all about partying, tanning, and turning a t-shirt into a mini-dress. Impressively, she even saved enough brain space to learn a few useful things about economic development. She is now primed to become a future leader of America, today.
Let me be the first blogger to say congratulations! As someone who technically might not have even graduated from High School, I am truly impressed. Because of her example I now know that 'higher education' is not just hilarious drug slang commonly used in stoner comedies like How High, starring Method Man & Redman.
Early this morning we listened to the Kanye West album Graduation while we got ready. I was dancing pretty hard because the music was moving me, and Lindsay scolded me kind of harshly for wasting time and messing around. I now realize she was right. Today was her Graduation and she was the only one who deserved to dance.
If you want to congratulate her in person, she'll probably be at the Buzz tonight.
- Matthew Brown

A soon to be graduate on the light rail

her name in the bright lights

we both have colds