Monday, March 31, 2008

This is how our dinner table rolls PART II: urban bbq

(*I dont know how to link previous posts, but if I did, this would be 15% funnier, Im sure.)
People of Blog, in October of the previous year I posted a revealing post about what happens at my house around dinner time. It was entitled, How Our Dinner Table Rolls. As you can see I enlightened you all with this culinary delight: Lean Pockets and Cottage Cheese.

This raised some concern, especially from my mother(who had some very 1940's rooted sympathy for my husband.) Well mother (and blogees) I am also capable of making a meal in under 15 minutes with a much more pleasing color palate.

This is my George Foreman and inside this lean, mean, fat grilling machine are turkey burgers. Most importantly I have placed the foreman next to an open door in a well ventilated room. Otherwise you are going to smell like turkey burgers for three to four days.
Word Up!

* Lean pockets, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you are still my number One.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Before and After

This is Cade. He is picking his nose and enjoying this fountain in the way in which is intended. Soon the fountain will become too enticing for him to enjoy only as a spectator.

I was unable to survey his opinion about his feelings for the fountain after he fell in, but I will assume that he no longer holds it with the same esteem he did just moments before. Thankfully for the fountain, I am sure that Cade will forget all of his hard feelings and could be easily enticed by its offerings once again.
This is Misty. She is enjoying an ice cream treat with her family. In a few moments she will be compelled to demonstrate her strength and cat like agility by challenging Matthew to a foot race. Due to a false start and an unfortunate decision to lead off with her left foot she was unable to make it to the finish line before taking a terrific fall. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the aftermath, but if you have ever watched a single episode of America's Funniest Home Videos, you get the idea.

seriously folks, it is getting hot out there. So please watch your kids around water.

Tomar El Sol!

You may be familiar with the falsely advertised segment on this blog titled "Fav Pic of the Week." Since its creation I have never updated it weekly, but that is neither here nor there. Because what is here is sexy and is kicking into high gear the summer solstice. Matthew and I were enjoying our 60 minute lunch break in a park near our work when I spotted a man who was dead and bloating in the noon day sun. It's funny how your eyes play tricks on you.( it is also funny what watching No Country For Old Men twice in one week can do to you.) This man was not dead! He was enjoying his 60 minute lunch break alive, bloated and basking in the noon day sun. Enlarge photo so your can enjoy his belted trousers and black dress socks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oprah, eat your heart out.

Once while Matthew and I were dating I overheard him tell someone that he didn't like to read. I was very alarmed by this statement, not because of my love for fine literature, but because he was basically telling people 'I'm not very smart.'I informed him that many people don't enjoy reading(Nazis, male chauvinists, illiterates..) however it is never acceptable to tell people that you don't like to read. Well it appears that Matthew has had a change of heart, and we have been spending our afternoons and weekends enjoying these books(currently only one is on the Oprah Book List, which makes us feel much cooler. Im not sure why.) Tortilla Curtain, Kite Runner, Confederacy of Dunces, Life of Pi and 100 years of Solitude.

visuals to illustrate how we get real with reading inside and out.
(they may not be visible in the photo, but trust me, we had books with us.)

This is me, getting ready to exhale and then get loveswept.

Monday, March 17, 2008

In Honor of St. Pat

In honor of St. Patricks day we wanted to share this gripping and heart felt news story from Mobile, Alabama. In what could be seen as just a story about a Leprechaun in a tree or a crack head who got into the wrong stuff, I think the real story is about how this community rallied together. Especially the man who volunteered to direct traffic and quiet any fears his neighbors and comrades had about Leprechauns.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Armpit Pirate

An armpit pirate from my past has once again stolen my heart and a spot on "Fav Pic of The Week." I encountered this adorable couple in the jungles of Costa Rica, they were on their honeymoon and most shockingly- not european. This was a USA homebreed armpit pirate. I feel 25% more patriotic just for knowing them. She also remind me of the time in Junior High that I shared a similiar philosophy about shaving my armpits. I felt that it was unnecessary since my mother would not buy me any of those adorable camisoles or tanks. I was mistaken and I think one day she too will realize that she is mistaken as well.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Lately we have been trying to remember the time when our favorite Hispanic relatives Mario y Adrianne came to visit for the month of January 2008. It was only a month or so ago, but my memory is fading fast and I can already barely remember their exotic faces, or the way that their rolling R's sounded to my gringo ears. Fortunately, we made a little video of a nice Saturday when we all went on a road trip to the city of Tempe to see what its Town Lake was all about. It helps a little.

This video has been removed due to horrible quality. Youtube made it too choppy to handle. we'll try to fix it.

-- matthew