Friday, October 22, 2010

Ladies Only

The first week in October Ashley, Olive and I accompanied Adrianne and Lucia on a "work " trip to the East Coast. We spent 5 days in DC and did some time in Pennsylvania exploring all the Pennsylvania turnpike had to offer. Here is a picture of all us gals with the Delaware behind us, right Ashley?

Olive and Lucia enjoying crepes both sweet and savory at Eastern Market on Saturday morning. these ladies are learning young that binge eating is a key element to any girls trip.

Are you aware that the season they call "fall" is not a season in name only? True. there is actually a distinct weather change, even the foliage is in on it. Another tid bit for my native Arizonians, there is also a season called Spring.

A completely unstaged photo of me pushing the double stroller on the hill.

Adrianne, Olive and Lucia at the Botanical Gradens,obviously the bench and concrete gave away our location. Trips taken with out Matthew are SERIOUSLY lacking in photographic evidence.

Olive and I at the park enjoying the beautiful weather and the short time window in which it is acceptable for females to wear overalls.

Marianne and Ashley outside of DC Cupcakes.
are you noticing a theme here?
this picture serves as the only evidence that we went to Pittsburgh, it also serves as evidence that my inability to lose my baby weight may not be due to a faulty thyroid like I claim. There is not a single human that I love in this photo, no trace of Katie, Levi, Macy, Atticus, Adeline or even Daisy. Just an enormous half eaten sandwich from Primanti Brothers.
Olive in a food coma/love coma. Her first successful girls trip.