Monday, July 5, 2010

california dreaming

It's hard to feel patriotic when it's so hot outside you think you are experiencing organ failure each time you walk to your mailbox, so Matthew, the kid and I took a quick trip to the coast for the 4th.

olive's first beach experience will read rather boring since she spent the whole time face planted into Matthew's chest.

There's always money in the banana stand. We spent the 4th on balboa island enjoying the best frozen banana and balboa bar the island had to offer.

despite the puff sleeves and yellow bow everyone thought Olive was a dude. She was disapointed that no one could appreciate her attempt to look Cali-casual.

Here are my two babes enjoying a Santa Monica view while being burped to sleep. I was nervous about taking this act on the road but we had a great time and Olive slept almost the entire time. Riding in the car and stroller acted like baby cat nip for her.