Monday, November 15, 2010

bjorning all over the world

Olive loves her bjorn and we are loving this time in her life when she is incapable of "walking" by herself. We are trying to make the most of this beautiful weather and Olive's lack of free will by strapping her in the bjorn and hitting the road.
we went to the natural bridge in Payson a few weeks ago and believe me a good time was had by all.

me trying to figure out the mechanics of the hold out family photo. we got it.

a tarantula worthy of guest appearance in Home Alone.
"what are you doing Marv?"
For FHE we hiked 'A' mountain. It felt great to get back to my Sun Devil roots and to be a walking buzz kill to all the young lovers atop the mountain who had taken their ladies there to "talk" about life and stuff.

Olive is soooo cute in this picture I am tempted to go get her out of her crib right now and kiss her face off. I wont.

does wind have this effect on all babies? cause this little girl was losing her mind.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween: Spooky Scary Edition

I always imagined motherhood to be filled with great afternoons making memories with your offspring and not as heavy on spit up, blow outs and bags under the eyes. Funny how one afternoon of good weather and good behavior makes the many other afternoons of being in my sweats until noon with dried poop in my arm hair seem like the exception and not the rule.

Can you believe we rode a bicycle all the way there with two babes and still look this good?

Olive making my heart sing in the pumpkin patch at Mother Nature's Farm.

Holidays are just more fun with babies, especially ones who can't voice an opinion on their halloween costume. Olive as a witch and Matthew and I just trying not to embarass ourselves for once at the family halloween party.

a smattering of hipps and brown cousins at the party.

I could photoshop out Olive's drool line(maybe) but I think she needs to live with the photographic evidence that she spent the first months of her life foaming at the mouth and wasn't embarassed about it in the slightest.

seriously. this babe turned 5 MONTHS OLD today. seriously.
bonus points to Olive for not trying to take her hat off once during the par-tay.