Thursday, January 31, 2008

Picture of the week, Picture of my heart

Some of you may have noticed the newish(it has been there for several weeks now) segment on our blog entitled, Fav Picture of the Week. It has been grossly neglected by yours truly and hence the same photo has been featured since its creation. However, it is a fantastic photo and it would not be easily dethroned. It is a photo of my eldest sister patroling the interstates of the Mogolion Rim with a rifle. The new picture of the week is of a vanity plate that caught my eye and took my breath away. This east valley rez(slang for resident) is appreciating a quality shag the only way they know how! Taking it to the DMV and leaving the rest of us pondering about what is really important to us in this life.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Almost as good as new music from Nickelback

The last post was too good to follow up with another winner. So this is just a lame little one to break up our writers block and get the creative juices juicing.
Despite a horrible name, this is one of our new favorite bands. The album came out today, and Lindsay already told me that it's her new favorite cd. That's actually pretty rare because she usually needs a few weeks or months to decide if she likes something.
-- matthew

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

J high tripping on the airwaves of 97.5

Matthew's Ipod broke a few months ago, so we have been "sharing" mine. During these sharing times I have become reacquainted with the radio airwaves of the valley and would recommend 97.5 fm to the listening pleasures of anyone in signal. They only make one promise to their listeners, to make you move. They have never unfulfilled this promise to me and so I declare my loyal listenership to them. There morning lineup this morning touched me (poked me) on a very personal level and sent me straight back to my nights of Junior High dancing. They played every ones favorite song from R&B dream team, Next. I distinctly remember dancing to this song in the eight grade. I remember it so well because it filled in some of the many gaps in my sexual education. It also made me look at all of my male counterparts at the dance in a very skeptical way and embedded a deep fear of slow dancing that lasted into my late teens. I have included Next's music video of their coming of age classic and a photo of me in anticipation of my eighth grade promotion dance so you can get a better idea of the scenes from my youth that I revisited this morning.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fault and Fancy Free

Matthew has been favoring a new little catchphrase around the house these days. I will make comments about the condition of things in our home,work, school or the Universe and his reply- "that's not my fault." Adorable, I know. The other night as I was going to bed I considered how early I had to get up for work and commented," Im so mad that it is this late!" and Matthew replied, "that's not my fault." And I guess he is right, it might be his fault that he chose to stay up so late, but timezones, international date lines, daylight savings, mountain standard time, the rotation of the Earth's axis... those things are not his fault. So next time something is your fault, like getting a stomach ache from eating a McFlurry(when you know they give you McFarts),consider all of the things that are NOT your fault(and certainly not Matthews fault.) PT Cruisers, sweatpants that have lettering on the butt, vanity plates, Sanjiya, Panda Express, Celine Dion... All Not your fault!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big in Asia

This is a video starring our friend Mark from Scottsdale. He works for Vidal Sassoon. A little while ago, they sent him on a trip to film a commercial for China, or somewhere like that. Anyways, he texted us last night to tell us to check it out.

Congratulations go out to Mark for making it big in the Orient! I can't say that much about anyone else I know. Also, smaller congratulations go out to the woman who also stars in the commercial. I don't know her but I feel good for her.
In a related story, about a month ago, our other friend Ty was a volunteer hair model in a show that Mark had to put on. Mark had to cut and color Ty's hair and then have it judged before a panel of Vidal Sassoon big-wigs. From what I hear, the show went well. But the reason I bring this up is because now, I imagine that Ty's hair-cut session looked a little something like this commercial (very sexy, and a lot of birds flying around)... and that makes me happy.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years

We rang in the New Year at The Four Dueces Club, otherwise known as the Kesler's living room, trying to solve a MURDER. Matthew loosely based his character off Jerry Stiller (ala Frank Costanza from Sienfield), which resulted in him shouting the last two words of every sentence and making many false accustations. In order to convince us that he was the Boss of Bosses, Brad exercised areas of his swear-vocab that don't normally get much use. I finally got to make use of my animal head purse(enlarge the second photo to see more clearly) named Beowulf, that I bought from a street vendor in China. Clearly the party was a success and we are looking forward to next years.