Friday, April 17, 2009

The Game Happens Here

Our suns dream is over. it was a fun 5 years, but now we are left with nothing but memories and anger. we'll spare you the anger for now, but this seems like an appropriate time to bring out some of those memories. this stuff is from back on valentines weekend, so a lot has obviously changed about us physically since then, but once you get past all those crazy early '09 styles and trends you'll see that its still the same old loveable us. 
here is a little video link to some of our work we did in the nba tv broadcast booth (follow the link, click play, and wait 10 seconds or so for amad rashad to do his thing, then you'll see us do our thing). its kind of nerve wracking going on tv and possibly becoming famous, so please forgive us if our body language was terrified.

and here are a few photos of us back in our innocence