Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My baby girl is ONE years old! It has been a true pleasure hanging with this lady for the past year. She's funny, she's a good dresser, she loves quesadillas, she sings opposed to crying in the morning when she wants out of her crib, and she totally melts my heart in every possible way.

Since Olive and Gabe have birthdays within 2 days of each other it seemed appropriate to throw a double party. It also seemed convenient and genius on the behalf of Olive's mom to partner with Gabe's mom in the planning and execution of a party, since we all know Adrianne is a craft-master and not at all lazy like yours truly. The end result was fantastic, and I have decided that I LOVE throwing parties, but really, I love throwing parties and then delegating lots of work to my family while still receiving all of the credit and praise.

Olive, I will party with you any day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May first

If a tree falls in the woods but no one hears it does it make a sound? Likewise if we pass through life's milestones without broadcasting them on the internet for voyeurs and cyberfriends to witness do they even count? What I am trying to say is we have set up a 24 hour webcam to make sure not a single moment of our private lives fade into obscurity. The Brown's are going LIVE!

Until our live webcam stream is available here is a sampling of what the Kardashians have been up to. I mean Brown's.

Easter Sunday.

Day trip to Sedona with the Dangerfields(not pictured)

A quick trip to California sans baby. We really debated whether or not to take her cause we were afraid we would miss her too much. As it turns out that fear was purely hypothetical.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I guess this is growing up

Olive is a sicky so I have been stuck in the house with her all day giving her breathing treatments and watching Dirty Dancing on TV- watching this film as an adult I can not believe that I was allowed to watch this in my youth, I am equally shocked to find out this film was supposed to be set in the 60's not the 80's. I guess a shirtless P. Swayze transcends all decades and parental censorship.

here is a shirtless Olive reading a book with her dad at the doctor.

Here is a shirtless and screaming Olive getting a breathing treatment at the doctor. Must learn matthew's secret for never being the one holding the traumatized child at the doctor's.

looks like girlfriend partied too hard at da club the night before.

Can you believe this? Is my baby growing at an alarming rate or have I just become another sad cliched adult always jabbering about how kids grow up too fast ?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

London's Run

Do two half marathons (2 years apart) equal a full marathon? Me thinks yes. In that case, my gals and I ran a marathon this weekend! Running is often billed as an individual sport, but how people train and run distances greater than ten miles all by their lonesome is beyond me. This is evident by my unsolicited "coaching" and encouragement of any and all lone runners I passed on the course (believe me this number is small). My training for this half marathon was spotty and I wouldn't have finished had it not been for an excellently crafted playlist--heavy on Kanye--and also the support of these two ladies. Thank you Shanna and Shelly, and allow me to apologize for my complaining and the strange noises I made along the course. oh and Thank you Mr. West for the sweet tunes. And lest I forget the high fives and cheering from the Queen Creek HS football team. You made me feel like the head cheerleader even though I was crying and there was snot on my face. Thank you.
Pre race dinner complete with dessert, a trip to Walmart, more dessert, and skimming the pages of Lucky looking for new hair cuts. Can you tell I am really into the photo collage? especially since it minimizes the not so flattering post race photos of me.

Sedona 1/2 Marathon or what I now refer to as the first leg of the Marathon I ran.
The red rock vistas of the Sedona course were slightly more scenic than the dirt field complete with tractors blowing dust in your face that comprised the Queen Creek course.
The medals were a nice touch also.

...and this, well I just couldn't help myself.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Record keeping buisness

xmas, new years, mlkj day
earthquake, birds and snakes an aeroplane
it's the end of the world as we know it......

I have spent an embarrassing amount of time making these photo collages below so please feast your eyes on the most basic display of photo editing that has eluded me for over a week now.

Christmas 2010
We figured since Olive babe was only 6mo old this christmas that we could get away with just giving her some books and allowing her to eat some wrapping paper, I love this picture of her because it appears that even at 6mo she is very aware of how lame her parents are.
This was a tough holiday season for Daddy Boy we had a total of 3, yes 3, family pictures scheduled so I took it easy on him and let him drink as much QT as he could handle and hold what appears to be a trani head in our own family pic.

New Year's Day
we hiked Flat Iron on New Year's day. It was possibly the coldest Arizonian day I have ever experienced and my water and M&M's did not last me as long as I anticipated so we may or may not have made it all the way to the summit.


We tipped our hats to the brave Arizonians that consented to adopting MLKJ day as a federal holiday in order to host Superbowl XXX by spending the day at the Landbridge in Payson. Could Januaury in Arizona be more pleasant? yes, if arizona was actually california and was showered with beautiful weather and amazing vistas all year long, then yes Arizona in january could be more pleasant. Still, not too bad.