Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fresh Air and The Fonz

For anyone who has had the honest pleasure of meeting our neighbor than you will truly appreciate this post, if you have not had this pleasure it is unlikely that you even read our blog but you may still enjoy.

Matthew and I like to call her Henry Winkler, not because she looks like him or because we have a quirky need to give everyone nicknames but out of the necessity to speak in code when in our home. Winkler has supernatural hearing abilities and no inhibitions about eavesdropping or spying on you through cracked windows. I only write about this and publish it on the internet due to some recent conversations that have convinced me that her knowledge of the internet is limited.

Winkler is fond of writing us passive aggressive notes and taping them to our door, our gate or car windshield like the one below. Apparently thinly veiled threats are easier to swallow when accompanied by smiley faces and exclamation marks.

This very lengthy note was purely informative. You can't call yourself a good neighbor if you are not getting the word out about Tongan Floor Shows! WOW is right!

This afternoon I made a discovery that has shed a whole new light on Winkler. After spending close to twenty minutes trying to figure out how to open my bedroom windows I succeeded and spyed with my little eye.....

Henry Winkler's lacey, red unmentionables hanging on the line.

I had no idea she was packing that kind of heat underneath her flowing animal print robes and pastel colored sweat suits. To use an early 90's catchphrase that is no longer relevant(unless you are Annette Smart), You Go Girl!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

happy BFF-day

happy birthday to the brown's best bro, ryan. this year he is turning the same age as matthew did in february, amar'e stoudemire did yesterday, Nov 16, and lindsay will in 3 years! this has happened every year since 1982. we are all bonded in this way. we all understand.
thanks amar'e (and you too T.I. i hope prison's been easy on you. miss you).

they say that with age comes wisdom. from time spent around the lower/middle class elderly, it seems that wisdom is all about reminiscing about things from the past that are of mild to medium importance. so here is our chance to reminisce about the past year of ryan's life as seen through our eyes.

we made a movie about Cannibal Corpse, under his direction. it grossed $0.00 in the box office and it won no awards from hollywood or from robert redford's land, but it was still good.

we started an indiefolk band and broke up the same night. he could really sing back then.

we murdered a mystery together.

he got together with amar'e and they compared their physical prowess. they both have great bodies for what they do.

we watched the x-files. this was a sad episode.

he let matthew ride his dad's bike.

we all hung onto the edge of our sofa cushions during the 2009 modern classic, Fast & Furious.

it was a good year for ryan. here's hoping all of us live to see a million more together. happy birthday ryan. thinking of you.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Wildest Dreams

I would love to be posting about the wild times we have been having, but things have been terribly unwild lately. I am only documenting how lame October has been in an effort to shame Matthew and I in to pumping up the volume for November.

You would think finally receiving our pre-ordered copy of Dave Eggers, The Wild Things, covered in fake fur would be an omen of wild times to come, but it has quietly sat on our bookshelf molting since it arrived.

October was not a total loss, Matthew did buy a trampoline and a book for $1.75(total) at a garage sale.

Other than getting wild and falling in a fire, even the wildest guy we know has been pretty tame lately.

I will try harder to not let you down November, here is to hoping that I get arrested.