Monday, July 20, 2009

Puzzles and Seth Galifianakis

If you demanded that I give you a two word summary of my weekend it would be as follows: Puzzles, Galifiankis. If you were feeling generous and alloted me three words: Puzzles, Galifiankis, Hot( weather hot, not R Kelly hot)
As the 2 and 3 word summaries alluded to but were unable to expound upon due to the character restrictions, Matthew and I started a puzzle this weekend. Things really got cooking once our friends showed up and lent their helping hands and now the puzzle is nearly completed.

We watched this interview with Seth Galifiankis an undocumented number of times and Matthew cried from laughing every single viewing. Fugee's and Funions.

Hey Brad, are you done with school yet? My muscles may atrophy due to the loss of my beloved running partner.

Let's hope Matthew's homo tendencies atrophy as well.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Books, Check em out!

What do you in the summer when it is so hot outside that the 3/4 mile walk from your car to your office may be causing organ failure? Stay inside and get your read-a-thon ON!

We have featured books on our blog before (ie: the four part series on Burt Reynold's autobiography courtesy of Matthew) but we have had to realize that no matter how much you love a book someone you love may not love that same book and as baffling as that is you still have to find a way to keep on loving that person, even though you have begun to seriously question the state of their humanity. So here are some of our favorite summer reads that you may or may not enjoy, but if you don't enjoy them please lie and tell us otherwise.

I am not even going to try and write a summary, they pay people to do that and I am already writing a annotated bibliography for my Research Methods class.

The Hakawati (Lindsay)

The Elegance of the Hedgehog
(Lindsay and Martha Stewart according to US weekly)

Herzog (Matthew)

If you have any book recommendations we are gladly accepting because it appears that our two bff's and former neighbors are deserting us and heading to Zion (Provo, UT) for higher altitudes and educations. Idiots.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Matthew and I just got back from what turned out to be the best timed vacation EVER!

We went to Seattle and did a lot of this: sight seeing.
Matthew did a lot of this: fanny packing (the northwest has that effect on people)
We did a lot of this: hold out photos...

and self reflection with creatures from the deep.

But mostly I did a lot of this: EAT

if you ever need to eat your feelings may I recommend Russian pastries.

it turns out roses would smell better if called by a different name, MILKSHAKE!