Sunday, March 29, 2009

False Advertising

Perhaps "Blonde" was too strong a word, but these be my new summer locks. As far as I am concerned I am a total towhead but Matthew is not so convinced, I think he just feels threatened now that he is no longer the only blonde in the house. Interestingly enough he "injured" his back this week playing basketball and has managed to make our entire house reek of Icy Hot.

In other news, my sister Adrianne and baby Gabe are coming on April 7th!!!!! We can't wait to welcome them back on American Soil. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Toby Kieth's Bar and Grill will be open by the time they get here so we can reintroduce them to real American values.

And in even more news..... I got an internship with Apple that starts this summer and lasts for one year. I get to work from my home doing tech support for Apple products, did I mention I get to do it from home. I am so excited and am currently shopping ebay for a thighmaster and other at home exercise equipment that I can utilize while logging hours at my in home office. If Chuck Norris has taught me anything I think I can safely work my body on a Bowflex and trouble shoot computer problems at the same time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blonde Ambition

And so it is, Katie Holmes has fallen like all of her other celebrity friends who have cute haircuts and then cover them up with extensions. I am without a hair role model and I must battle my hair follicles alone.

This is me before Katie and I had our fall out. Based on the photo of me I think it goes with out saying that I did a lot of soul searching on that scenic balcony and I have decided to return to my blond roots.

A picture of my former blond self. There is a lot of hair and 18 yr. old awesomeness happening in this photo, but I think this picture says exactly what all of you are thinking- Blond's Do Have More Fun!

I am issuing a call to all of my former blondies (shelly, shanna, bethany and all of my J high friends that would spritz hydrogen peroxide in our hair and then go lay out) to join me in going the way of the blonds.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

48 hours in the City of Angels

as tyra would say, matthew's body of work looks too catalog and not high fashion enough to be considered america's next top model.

shelly and lindsay on a morning "boy patrol".

lindsay's number 1 goal for the trip was to eat some pizza (?). and number 2: to get our Getty on, which we did quite successfully.

steve mid textbook wallride (above), and just mere minutes later trying to bless our trip with a dime in the fountain wish for safety (below). what energy.

the gals just taking a stroll through the gardens, remembering their molly shannon and miley cyrus encounters from the day before.

when your favorite motto to live by is "dance as if no one is watching" (borrowed from a tattoo she saw on a really cool girl in school), you are thrilled to the very center when a group of latino breakers invites you to pop and lock with their crew.

losing our minds and breaking the bank at fingerprints in long beach and amoeba in hollywood.

paying respects to the ghosts of past concrete graffitti artists.

getting in touch with the weird, lonely pre-teen girl inside himself, steve tested out the stereo's tweeters with the his new favorite album, the twilight soundtrack, on repeat. matthew had to break his 6 day pepsi sobriety at 2am so that he could just survive the harshness.

girls just being girls at a santa monica ihop. we were all so young back then.

testing out our hearts tolerance for clogged arteries, we ate at roscoe's that same day.

finally, we waved goodbye to greatest spring break we've had so far this year.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cool Cats and Birthday Cats

I know that blog posts have been a little sparse the past few months but with good reason. We have been really preoccupied searching the valley to find quality cat art, needless to say this beach towel made our hearts rejoice. Meow!

This is me post half marathon. They say it only takes two weeks of inactivity to get out of shape and they ain't lying.
Matthew turned 27 on the 24th!
To celebrate his birthday Matthew went to Barrio Cafe with a prepubescent 12 year old boy/girl that he is friends with.

This is Matthew enjoying his b-day spoils (records and books)

Do you think that I can print this post out and turn it in tomorrow in lieu of a 3-5 page paper about the profound impact global trade has had on the human trajectory? I sure hope so otherwise Mama in Trouble.