Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am not a big fan of women who use their blogs to gush about their husbands and give them nicknames, like Mr.Brown, and go on about how every little thing they do is sooo adorable, like they are toddlers and not adult males. But I must not dislike it too much because it is exactly what I am about to do about the guy below posing so thoughtfully on the beach.

Maybe because Valentine's Day is just around the corner I am feeling more sentimental OR maybe it is because he spent the entire night helping me make invitations for a bridal shower and then spent an hour+ cleaning the entire kitchen.
Kudos to Kristine for raising a son who understands that wiping down the counters and cabinets is a part of doing the dishes and not its own separate task. I am not just in love with my husband because sometimes he will spend the evening being a sister wife and craft and clean with me.
I also like that he is funny. and that he wears fanny packs when we travel.

and that he wouldn't let me steal this photo from a primary activity days bulletin board from Katie and Levi's church but took a pic instead.
why is that little girl laying face down on the asphalt while another girl pokes her with a stick?

Thanks Mr. Brown for keeping me honest and clean.