Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, You're Pregnant


This glamor shot was taken somewhere right around the time (maybe even the same day) that Lindsay took the baby mama plunge. If it were up to me, and its usually not, and I somehow found out she was pregnant before she did, which I don't think is possible, I would have waited until today to announce to her in the most tender way Happy Birthday, You're Pregnant!
But she already knows, so now I just want to let her know how wonderful I think she is for being such a stand-up babe:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eek. Ick. Yack.

Just a sample of the soundtrack of noises being made by me the last two weeks. I could dedicate this whole post to how nausea has ruined my life but I will save that for Matthew, instead I will share the small list of things that can still make me smile and feel human again

1. Enjoying cold beverages through a straw in my new favorite glasses.

2. Reading trashy celeb magazines and my recent fondness of iNTouch Weekly, it is a $1.00 cheaper than US Weekly and isn't trying to pretend that it is a respected news journal so it gives me more of the stories I wanna read about.

2.1 For example this quote by Katherine Hiegl about not being obsessed with diet and exercise followed by my favorite caption in the magazine, "Revealed: the star with the lumpy butt."

3. My sexy woman body t-shirt that is summer ready! Nothing to report here InTouch.
That concludes my list of Fav things. You can find me on my couch watching either Gossip Girl or Veronica Mars on DVD for the remainder of the summer, because I think it is a stimulating soundtrack for my unborn child.
Revealed: The Blogger with the lumpy Butt!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Matthew and I have both been feeling for a while now that our blog was lacking flair so after some careful negotiations and market research we realized what our blog was missing, a baby.
So we made one, and now we would like to present to you the first of what will be a endless series of classy photo shoots like the one below.

we didn't want to leave our followship hanging so we submitted photos of ourselves to be analyzed by a team of experts who were able to create a 98% accurate depiction of what our future child will look like and this is what they sent us:

This is what happens when you mix two hotties. The real baby won't be completed until December 20, 2009 and when it arrives I am expecting a written apology for how sick it has made me. How do you discipline a 8 1/2 week old fetus?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lilleth Fair

I went to Women's Conference this weekend with my Mom and Sisters. It was an incredible time filled with spiritual highs and straight fear of being trampled by 18,000 bossy women with determined mom-frown faces, speed walking around BYU campus. There are two reasons that I was able to survive the speed walking mobs, one I spent time in the People's Republic of China where death by foot is common and second I accidentally went to the movie theater the same night as the premiere of Twilight and on a trip back from the bathroom I almost got trampled by a stampede of women with serious crushes on 17 year old vampires. I am sure that some of those same women who bulldozed passed me at Harkin's Theater tightly clutching their personal copy of twilight that frightful night were in the same crowd of women who stole BYU mint brownies straight out of my hands at the CougarEat this weekend. To borrow a fav saying of my mother's, Oh No She Didn't!

A display of Ashley's parking skills

Misty showing us her "backstage" pass

Ashley and I had a photo shoot on the lawn, we were trying to convey a mood of quiet contemplation. This is Ashley's best attempt.

This is all I could come up with. I do my best thinking like this.