Saturday, February 19, 2011

I guess this is growing up

Olive is a sicky so I have been stuck in the house with her all day giving her breathing treatments and watching Dirty Dancing on TV- watching this film as an adult I can not believe that I was allowed to watch this in my youth, I am equally shocked to find out this film was supposed to be set in the 60's not the 80's. I guess a shirtless P. Swayze transcends all decades and parental censorship.

here is a shirtless Olive reading a book with her dad at the doctor.

Here is a shirtless and screaming Olive getting a breathing treatment at the doctor. Must learn matthew's secret for never being the one holding the traumatized child at the doctor's.

looks like girlfriend partied too hard at da club the night before.

Can you believe this? Is my baby growing at an alarming rate or have I just become another sad cliched adult always jabbering about how kids grow up too fast ?