Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 favorites

as if our family isn't already pretentious enough, olive has really been getting into vinyl lp's this year. so far, she's focusing mostly on entry-level stuff she can reach on the bottom shelf, but she's developing quickly and seems to be showing interest in some of the more experimental stuff on the next shelf up. we're fairly confident that come next december she'll be rattling off her own year end list of jazz reissues or something else equally interesting. but until then, here's the two older brown's undoubtedly uninteresting and pretentious lists of year end musical favorites.
please use the comments as they were intended to be used; a place to share your political views or to advertise sweet deals on prescription medications or designer watches.
-- m b, 2010


kanye west - my beautiful dark twisted fantasy - (def jam)

mark mcguire - living with yourself - (editions mego)

beach house - teen dream - (sub pop)

lcd soundsystem - this is happening - (dfa)

the morning benders - echo - (rough trade)

vampire weekend - contra (XL)

girl talk - all day - (illegal art)


14 - dem hunger - caveman snack - (leaving)

13 - sohni chambers - yaw-mah-ha - (goaty)

12 - julian lynch - mare - (olde english spelling bee)

11 - magic lantern - platoon - (not not fun)

10 - roll the dice - roll the dice - (digitalis)

9 - woods - at echo lake - (woodsist)

8 - brother raven - vss-30 - (digitalis)

7 - jefre cantu-ledesma - love is a stream (type)

6 - beach house - teen dream - (sub pop)

5 - sean mccann - chances are staying - (dnt)

4 - mark mcguire - living with yourself - (editions mego) //&\\ tidings / amethyst waves - (weird forest)

3 - emeralds - does it look like i'm here? - (editions mego)

2 - kanye west - my beautiful dark twisted fantasy - (def jam)

1 - sun araw – on patrol - (not not fun) //&\\ off duty ep - (woodsist)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you, thank you

Is it too late to air my thankfulness a week and a half after Thanksgiving? One of the MANY things I have learned from the words(more like poetry) of my gal Natalie Merchant is that any time of year is a good time to Thank you, thank you. Plus I wasn't the Gratit-Dude(photo's of me dressed as the grati-dude upon request only) at Girls Camp 2 years in a row just because I owned a tie-dyed shirt, I think my attitude of gratitude had something to do with it.
This has been one of the happiest times of my life and thus it is easy for me to think of the many things that I am grateful for. I am madly in love with all of the people in the above photo, my love for Matthew has been on Human Growth Hormones this year and is HUGE(like gorilla juice head huge) and I am thankful that he is my husband. however I am not thankful for his terrible attitude about family pictures. and I mean terrible.

I am sooo thankful that I am a mom. I am sooo thankful that I am no longer pregnant. I am thankful that Olive smiles for the camera.

I'm thankful that everything worked out for Uncle Jesse and that "Forever" hit #1 on the Japanese music charts.