Tuesday, March 23, 2010

San Francisco

Neither of the contributing members of Brown Sugar have the desire to give a full accounting of our recent trip to San Francisco, we are too busy watching 16 and Pregnant/reading Farwell to Arms, so here is an artistic expression of how our trip felt using the medium of photography.

at a bus stop in San Jose. just part of the bay area experience, right? we flew into San Jose because we thought we found cheap plane tickets, but soon afterward we found even cheaper tickets directly into San Francisco. But no big deal because after 2 buses, a light rail, and an hour on the BART we made it to our hotel.

a view from our bedroom. the view from within the bedroom will be shown upon request only.

still wondering what a $21 toasted bagel tastes like.

I can never look at joann's the same.

daydreams of Sean Connery's The Rock and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson while we waited to go to Alcatraz.

Locals only

SFMOMA. I am pretty sure that I was in full blown labor while this photo was being taken although I did not know it at the time. I just thought I was travel cranky and wanted a cupcake and a diet coke, after I got home and read what a braxton hicks contraction was I felt as foolish as that golden monkey.

Tried to see if we could catch Dave Eggers at home, but then we realized he doesn't actually live there

a farmers market breakfast

does anyone else dislike the odorous effect that asparagus has on human urine? it's embarrassing.

a lettuce and fireworks show in Chinatown

dreads to his heels

we would have taken a picture of the best crab we've ever eaten, but our fingers were too slick with butter and garlic. highly recommended.

is there room for two more on that train?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

photo journal

just did some early spring cleaning for my computer at work. some of the pictures i found saved to my desktop seemed interesting, like maybe they tell the story of the past year in the life of an American dreamer.

a carbon footprint machine

a litter of preemies

our stock press release photo