Sunday, January 30, 2011

London's Run

Do two half marathons (2 years apart) equal a full marathon? Me thinks yes. In that case, my gals and I ran a marathon this weekend! Running is often billed as an individual sport, but how people train and run distances greater than ten miles all by their lonesome is beyond me. This is evident by my unsolicited "coaching" and encouragement of any and all lone runners I passed on the course (believe me this number is small). My training for this half marathon was spotty and I wouldn't have finished had it not been for an excellently crafted playlist--heavy on Kanye--and also the support of these two ladies. Thank you Shanna and Shelly, and allow me to apologize for my complaining and the strange noises I made along the course. oh and Thank you Mr. West for the sweet tunes. And lest I forget the high fives and cheering from the Queen Creek HS football team. You made me feel like the head cheerleader even though I was crying and there was snot on my face. Thank you.
Pre race dinner complete with dessert, a trip to Walmart, more dessert, and skimming the pages of Lucky looking for new hair cuts. Can you tell I am really into the photo collage? especially since it minimizes the not so flattering post race photos of me.

Sedona 1/2 Marathon or what I now refer to as the first leg of the Marathon I ran.
The red rock vistas of the Sedona course were slightly more scenic than the dirt field complete with tractors blowing dust in your face that comprised the Queen Creek course.
The medals were a nice touch also.

...and this, well I just couldn't help myself.


Sarah Danielle said...

Don't get ne wrong. . .I'm really proud of you with the whole marathon thing. But you end with the pictures of Olive, ahhhh. . .I miss her! So beautiful! :)

shanna said...

The Queen Creek football team is what got me through that last mile too! Here's to another half (hopefully more scenic) and 17 year old boys!!

Adrianne said...

You did not tell me 17 year old boys would bwe cheering me on. Then maybe I would have participated... but probably not.

Seriously, I am amazed by you. I ran with you many years ago - and I know that running is not a natural talent. This accomplishment is BIG.

Kristine Hipps said...

Way to go, Lindsay!!! Keep up the collage work. It's so nice that you have such cute "material" to work with :)

The picture of Olive and Matthew is so great. She is such a blend of the two of you - great mix if genes!

Steve and Shell said...

im so glad i didn't wuss out the night before... (i thought about it..) thanks for pumping me up with you culinary skills!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

you go girls!!

Linsey said...

It totally counts! Good on ya'. I ran about a quarter mile at the gym this week and felt so proud. You, though, you are a rock star. Seriously, I bow to you.

Tammy said...

Wow, I am impressed girl! That is awesome. How do you make the collages?? pls share!