Monday, March 5, 2012

Matthew's Birthday

Matthew turned 30 in February and his long time friend Peter had the good sense to have a birthday in February as well so we had a par-tay.

We celebrated the birth of Matthew and Peter by having an amazing bbq in the Fords backyard. The meat man and co-birthday celebrator really pulled through and spent 15 hours smoking 13lbs of brisket to savory meat perfection. Lacy and I put our pinterest skillz to work and made a citrus salad, brussells sprouts, mac n cheese and bread pudding in mason jars. I like pinning recipes more than actually making them. But I like eating them most of all, unfortunately my food consumption prevented me from taking a single picture of the party and I had to steal all of these from Kayla's blog.
It was great to celebrate with good friends and even though Matthew failed to make good on his birthday promise and dunk a basketball from the the 3 point line, a good time was   had by all.
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