Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Olive girl

Good news, Olive was just as great in February as she has been the prior 19 months of her existence. I have said this about every baby stage thus far but this time I mean it, THIS is my favorite age. She has all the personality (and teeth) of  a full grown woman, she is so mobile and independent and plays and gets dirty in the backyard just like a little kid but still has a few remaining baby traits like her chubby little baby hands,  sizable diaper booty, and occasional midnight feedings (not nearly as charming as the chubby hands). It's the perfect hybrid of baby/child.

She  loves to throw tantrums, but really who doesn't? Her tantrums consist of her lying face down on the ground/ carpet/ gas station floor/ gravel path and quietly cry. We have failed to parent/discipline this behavior due to how amusing we find it.
She loves to be helpful. sort of. But mostly she loves all of her cousins.

Based on her 20 month review we have decided to extend her contract for an additional 20 months as her parents.

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